Behind The Scenes - VaporFi Short Fills

Behind The Scenes - VaporFi Short Fills

The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)
For many e-liquid manufacturers, the introduction of European regulation (the 'Tobacco Products Directive' more commonly referred to as 'TPD') in 2017 was a frightening prospect. But not for VaporFi. From their very conception into the vape industry, VaporFi prided themselves on exceeding expectations where quality was concerned. As a company, VaporFi have been committed to using only the best ingredients in order to produce their e-liquid flavours from the very beginning. Having always implemented this desire to deliver over and above, it was of absolutely no surprise that each and every one of their flavours flew through TPD testing with not one alteration required to be made to any of their recipes. VaporFi's e-liquids went to market post TPD with no issues whatsoever.
Loop Holes & Short Fills
As time has gone on, the industry has adjusted to the TPD regulation and manufacturers have inevitably explored a number of loop holes. With regards to e-liquids, the most successful of products to fall outside of the new rules has to be the 'short fill'. Short fills are a fantastic way for companies to introduce new flavours to market without having to bear the cost of expensive TPD testing. Consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to purchasing larger bottles of 0mg (no nicotine) e-liquid.
Toxicology Testing
What consumers might not be conscious of however, is that these short fill e-liquids are not required to go through the rigorous toxicology testing stipulated by the regulations. Subsequently, they could well be vaping flavours that contain ingredients which produce emissions in excess of safe guidelines.
VaporFi's Quality Guarantee
The beauty of vaping VaporFi e-liquids is the comfort of knowing that they have always, and will always, ensure that their products are of the best quality possible. As a result, whether they are required to by law or not, VaporFi will always test their e-liquids to guarantee that they meet and maintain their high standards. VaporFi have worked hard to establish and achieve their reputation - it's not something that they will put at risk.

Ensuring that their liquids are of the best quality that they can possibly be whilst not compromising on flavour has undoubtedly been key to the success of VaporFi.
Know What You're Vaping
So when you purchase a VaporFi short fill, if you didn't already, you now know exactly what you're getting. Be in no doubt - it doesn't get better than this.

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